About Us

Ananta Solution Corp. creates digital services that are essential to the community and the market it caters. We develop in-house apps and services that are not only reliable, but also provides efficiency and convenience to the target market.

Ananta Solution Corp. takes a three-prong approach in providing value — we create and grow our own brands, we create systems for white listing, and we provide development services to our esteemed clients. In all of these approaches, we adhere to a development process that has helped us launch digital products successfully for both the private and the public sector.


Our past projects have each been categorized under one of the following services:

  • Business Solution Software
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Systems and Web Development
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Data Management
  • Front-end and Back-end Management
  • Business Automation
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Mobile Marketing and promotions
  • Mobile Payments System
  • and other Web and Mobile technologies

Our Projects

Our team have been in the ICT business since 2005. Our systems development for web and mobile started when mobile engagement was limited to 4-digit access numbers. Using that platform, we have been able to deliver mobile payment platforms, customer hotline, feedback systems, rewards system, and mobile platform for marketing products.

The advancement in technology provides a venue for creative and dynamic development. Ananta Solution Corp. is on its way to be the number 1 all-Filipino provider of essential services online.

Anantaks is a reliable tax preparation and filing system available via web or app (iOS and android). Taxpayers classified as professional, self-employed, or small business owners can use Anantaks as a tool to automatically compute tax dues and generate BIR forms checked by seasoned accountants before being filed to BIR to ensure accurate filing. Online payment of tax dues may also be done via the platform.

eConsult is a secure telemedicine app for Medical Practitioners who prefers to manage their time for online consultations. This iOS and android app is best for those who prefer to have a sure appointment with their preferred doctor.

eKonsultaMo is another telemedicine app for those who prefer immediate consultation with the available doctor in the app.

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